Cute Farm Animals on a Stick

During her week at farm camp, M made a bunch of cute little farm animals. They were touted as bookmarks, but we agreed that we liked the idea of using them as puppets better.


In case it’s not entirely obvious, they are: a rooster, a cow, a pig, a horse, a cat, a duck, and a dog.

And that’s my short post, because I’ve got a Snickers bar and the season finale of last season’s Dexter, so I’m pretty much booked up for the rest of the night.


  1. @Sunny, I was actually pretty irritated because I accidentally read a spoiler in a magazine at the dentist’s office. They promised that they wouldn’t have any spoilers, but I realized too late that they were talking about the NEW season. . . they assumed everyone had cable and was all caught up on the previous season. But Cute W and I run a good YEAR behind!

  2. @Big Sister, I’ll have to check with the artist. And seeing your comment made me remember that I’ve been meaning to call and congratulate you. Unfortunately, it’s almost midnight, so I’ll procrastinate again.

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