Summer Begins

We had an inauspicious beginning to summer vacation, a day marred by rain, rain, rain.

rain on summer day


Also, the kids were crabby. I can’t remember why they were crabby, just at this moment, but they were. Wait: it’s coming back to me. M spent the night at a friend’s house, so the first day of summer began with J by herself. I asked her how she’d like to start vacation. Her First Day Of Summer Wish was modest:

she wanted to walk to Breugger’s for a bagel for breakfast. Of course I complied: after all, the first day of summer vacation comes but once a year. But deep down, I was thinking about how the walk to get a bagel was unlikely to be over in time to let me go to my beloved Medicine Ball-Pilates class. Ever-(overly) optimistic, I changed into my workout clothes and walked around in public like that, thinking I might be able to do both. But no: my phone pinged a “starts in half an hour” reminder while we were still lingering over oozing cream cheese. And I’ll admit it: part of me was just bitter. Like, welcome to summer, where my children’s needs take precedence over my own all day, just like when they were toddlers. Which totally isn’t fair. I could have said no. But I wanted to be a loving and kind mother. And so I was a loving, kind, and bitter mother. Which is almost as good.

At one of my first days at the pool I settled in with a magazine, and thought to myself, “There! That’s better!” And then, guess what happened?


That’s right: a bird pooped on me. Insert sad trombone sound here.

What else? Well, we’ve had a lot of greasy bar food lately (these smothered waffle fries brought to Ship’s Pub, which was actually pretty tasty).


You know why, right? I’ll give you a hint:


Yep, World Cup! And in case you’re wondering, we are sad about yesterday, but still glad that they made it out of the Group of Death. And also, the USA getting knocked out only marginally decreases the World Cup enthusiasm in our family, so there will be more wings in our future. I promise to follow up this rather whiny post with some actual activities that we’ve been doing. Coming soon.


  1. Mary Ellen Whiteley

    My kids needs took priority over my yoga class this morning too! But I walked around Walmart in my work out clothes. I just kept thinking “I wish I was wearing REAL pants.”

  2. Big Sister

    You know what? I walked around the grocery store in a brand new, summer clearance, no return dress ordered from J. Crew and stopped in the bathroom — where I realized it was TOTALLY SEE-THROUGH!I mean you could tell what color my panties were. I’d have been better off in my yoga pants!

  3. Oh, you two are making me laugh. Mary Ellen, I’m sure that you were beat out by the many People of Walmart, and Big Sister, it drives me crazy how everything’s see-through these days. M’s constantly wearing two shirts!

  4. Aliza

    Sorry Katie, but had you been at the TOWN pool (where you belong) no such bird poop incident would have occurred. Karma maybe.

  5. @Aliza, ouch! Yeah, I’d just be crushing berries all over my towel. Hey, tell me sometime when you’re spending an afternoon and maybe I’ll join you. Or you can always be my guest for the day at the JCC.

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