Little Free Library

Yesterday J and I took a walk around the neighborhood in search of our new neighbor, a Little Free Library. We’d heard it was on Myron Street, and I guessed blindly and took a right turn  that was also correct, heading  headed off Grand Boulevard and toward Nott Street. It’s rare that I guess right, direction-wise.

So it wasn’t long before we found it. In fact, J ran ahead and yanked open the super-crafty-and-adorable handles.


Inside, the box was jammed with books, a little guest book, bookmarks, and a flashlight for night-time visitors. Oh, and a table and chairs for lounging.


So cute, right? We brought along two books, and J and I each picked a book to take away with us. You should visit. The one on Myron Street can even become your Facebook friend if you’d like. And there are other Little Free Libraries around the area and around the country: you can click on the map to find them.


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