Hair Watch 2014

We’re due for an update on M’s hair after the Gala Head Shaving Event back in April. Here’s the current status:



When M’s hair was first shaved, she literally scared me a couple of times when I’d caught a glimpse of her and briefly thought that there was a young man in my house. I’m not even kidding. Once I gasped out loud and had to cover it up.

But it’s funny, because right now, her shock of super-blond hair standing straight up on her head looks so much more like her Bad-Ass personality than that sleek, bouncy ponytail that I once loved. Yes, it was pretty. Prettier than average, even. But nothing extraordinary. This punky ‘do captures the M of this spring and summer perfectly, just as much as that shiny dome was the perfect illustration of the gutsy shave when it happened.

But it also feels like the hair’s been pretty slow to grow back. At the end of the school year, M reported that everyone else who’d gotten their head shaved had grown enough hair that it had flopped down, lying flat against their heads instead of standing up like her little crop of wheatgrass.

Before we went on vacation, I called to set up hair appointments for all the girls in the family (you know I hate to get my hair cut, but it has to be done occasionally). When I first called, I’d expected the typical several-weeks-out wait, but apparently a summer slowdown was in the works. When the receptionist told me that we were welcome to come in just a few days later, my response was, “Uh-oh. I’m not sure if we’ll have enough hair to cut in a few days. We needed those extra weeks, I think.”

Sure enough, the stylist took one skeptical look at M and advised us to reschedule the appointment for early fall. But it’s getting there! M’s heading off to overnight camp for the week starting tomorrow, and I think the standing-up era is almost over. I’m actually going to miss this hair!  But meanwhile, we’re hoping that we can turn it into some super-stylish pixie for the beginning of school.



  1. Big Sister

    With maybe a couple of purple streaks for the first day of school? She’s a girl that could totally pull it off.

  2. @Big Sister, that sounds like a can of worms that I Do. Not. Want. To. Open.

    Our Tikka Masala pouches have arrived! Woot, woot!

  3. Betsy

    I am a little embarrassed that we are cooking the dish from a bag of spice mix, but it is SO EASY and YUMMY! Namaste!

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