Camp Scully

It’s been a month already since we had our camping weekend at Camp Scully, and somehow I managed to skip actually publishing this post. So here are some pictures. Camp Scully is a day and overnight camp located right in North Greenbush. We didn’t go there for campy-camp, but it was such a lovely little spot that I thought I should document and share.

They’ve just built a couple of new cabins–here’s what one looks like inside:




Here’s the main area, with our kids and their friends heading up to the big dining hall. I think someone had just yelled “Cookies.”


I didn’t even go into this spot, but I appreciated the cheerful signage.


The outside of the bathrooms was used for a rock-climbing wall.



And inside the bathroom? Well, even the graffiti was wholesome:

IMG_4437There were some lovely trails for tramping about


And the beach was a bit rocky, but still lovely. Out and to the right you can see a big ol’ thing which is a water trampoline. Needless to say, the water trampoline was a huge hit with the kids.



We had a lovely weekend, and it was great to have a getaway that didn’t require a huge amount of driving.


  1. Graceful J

    Wow, wish I’d heard of Camp Scully before the summer instead of at the end. Our six year old son and us didn’t love his summer day camp this year and will be will be looking for better options next year.

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