Long Week

Hey! Deb and I are going to be on Newschannel 13‘s Live at Noon TODAY talking about great Capital District summer traditions happening this weekend.

What else is going on? Well, with the combination of her big sister away at camp, her BFF on vacation, and zero camps, J is bored, bored, bored. Twice this week she’s announced that she’s bored before 8 am! My answer to that is, “You’re not allowed to be bored if it’s before 8 am or if your room is messy.”

Needless to say, sweet J is makin’ her mama cray-cray.

She likes to walk right up to me as I’m typing, stand very, very close, and sigh. Simple tasks like brewing a cup of tea become long, drawn-out projects involving the movement of furniture. It has been extraordinarily difficult to get things done around here.

I decided that all of our quality time called for an outing, so yesterday we took our inflatable kayak and headed to Grafton Lakes State Park.

It started out cloudy but quickly turned beautiful


The hands-down best moment was when we discovered ripe blueberries growing on the little island in Long Pond.


We kayaked, we hiked, we picnicked, we swam. Why oh why are children so obsessed with ensuring that their mother’s hair is immersed in the water? What’s the crime in wanting to keep your head warm and dry on a not-super-hot-day? We got ice cream on the ride home. We were exhausted.

But a few hours later, J was done with me again. I told her no more tv, but I’d be happy to read to her.

“I’ll let you read to me, but I’m still mad at you!” Really, dude? This child has no idea how good she’s got it.

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