Last Friday

I hope everyone’s enjoying the gorgeous blue skies. And the blazing hot sun. And the humidity. Which have all settled in just as the pools have closed, school’s about to start, and my children have brand-new pants and sweaters that they’d like to wear. Not like I’m bitter or anything.

After a string of rainy, chilly days (including our camping trip), I knew that the weather would improve last week, because J was committed to her (indoor) Circus Theatricks summer camp at the Ciccotti Center from 9 am to 3 pm each day. Even though the weather made me wish we were at the pool more often, J had a wonderful time. The camp ends with a Friday afternoon performance, and I was pretty sure that there was going to be a bit of a let-down from last year, because last year, J seemed to be a star of the show. She had her own act which involved her hanging and twisting around on an aerial hoop.

(For some reason my “More” link isn’t working properly at the moment–there is more, and you can click the title of the blog post to read it.)

But this year included new and different cool stunts, like standing up on top of an atlas ball and doing a bridge as part of a kid-pyramid. So once again, she was excited and we were impressed. And to make it more festive, my parents came to see the show, too, and toted along the girls’ youngest cousin. He thought that the show was quite thrilling, and he hooted and shrieked joyfully at the performers, which was mostly pretty delightful, except for, say, that time when a little girl fell off a piece of equipment and there was his toddler voice piping up, “Oh, NO! She can’t do it!” Which was hilarious and luckily not too loud.

We took my nephew to The Crossings right after the show, since he’d done a great job of sitting still, and he’d have a long car ride home. There he ignored all of the fabulous equipment in favor of playing with the Matchbox-sized excavator toy that he’d found at our house. There was quite a bit of sand to excavate in that sandbox! He’d actually spent the ride to our house talking about how he was going to drive our tractor, in spite of Nanahoney and Pop’s firm conviction that we didn’t actually have a tractor. They were wrong–we have a creaky old John Deere ride-on tractor from when Cute W was little, complete with a trailer that you can hitch onto the back. After pedaling that bad boy, he led us into our basement playroom, where he happened to know that all of our vehicle toys were located, the same ones that my children had largely ignored for the last five years (but since they’re from Cute W’s childhood, getting rid of them is verboten). The long and the short of it is that I had no idea how awesome our house is.

After the playground, ice cream was clearly in order, and we ended up at Scoups Homemade Ice Cream. Oh, my gosh, how did I miss this place before? I guess because it’s on the other side of The Crossings from me? Or, was it around when my kids were little? Because we haven’t been to the playground in a while, either, come to think of it. Anyway, the ice cream was deeply yummy, the cows looking on provided atmosphere, and the portions were huge. Our smalls seemed gigantic. Our sweet nephew kept plugging away at his until he was overheard saying to himself, “I don’t want to throw up,” at which point the adults decided to cut him off. I like my mint chocolate chip a little bit mintier, but their coconut was freakishly good. You can read more on Yelp.

That wraps up last week, and then we had a busy Labor Day weekend, but I’m going to make it a separate post because I’ve already yammered on a bit. Coming soon.





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