A New Car!

Hey! So, the directory that took over my life for a while has been submitted to the print shop. There’s a bit more work to be done, still, but comparatively speaking, it should be a piece of cake (knock on wood).

Oh, and here’s a quick programming note: if you haven’t been reading “More” of various posts, you’ve got some catching up to do. I’m not sure what happened, but at some point, my little “More” link stopped appearing on the site. Probably, something changed when I did a WordPress update. Anyway, if you click over via Facebook or Google Reader or some other source, you probably didn’t miss anything, but if you usually read by looking at the site, then you may have only seen the beginning of the post. For a bunch of them, I added a little note, but if you want to double check, you can always click the title of a post to view the complete post. I’m probably going to skip the “More” section until I figure it out. As long as we’re talking boring stuff, I generally do keep up with the Events page, but even when it’s outdated, the link to the KidsOutAndAbout newsletter link at the top of the Events page will always be up to date.

Here’s the link to my spot on WNYT yesterday. I think these always play extra-slow on Mozilla and quicker on other browsers, but it could be my imagination.

Okay! What else?  . . . Oh, yes, I’ve been meaning to tell you, we got our new car! I mentioned that I did some test driving   about six weeks ago, and we ended up buying a Nissan Rogue on the very last day of August (because Cute W and I had both listened to that car dealership This American Life episode). So we went in to order the exact Rogue we wanted (red, no bells and whistles) and allowed ourselves to be convinced to take the one already on the lot (blue, a few minor-league bells & whistles). Buying a new car causes financial pain, but this was better than our other options, and we got a better deal than we’d expected.  So. . .



TA DA!!!!!

We’re happy. I’ve said frequently that what I’d really like to own is a clown car, because I like small cars, but I wanted to be able to fit at least six people (so that each daughter could invite a friend somewhere and/or I wouldn’t be the lame car pool mom who couldn’t pick up everyone). This is the closest that we could get.

It’s a change. I went from stick shift to automatic, and even though I miss the control, it’s nice to be a little lazy. It’s also much higher, which feels weird, but I liked that I could raise the whole driver’s seat up and pretend like I’m taller than I am. And it hooks up to my phone, which is delightfully convenient, even if I accidentally send a text to people that says “CAN’T TEXT: I’M DRIVING” every once in a while.

M had been lobbying hard for a minivan. “Minivans are SO COOL!” she said.

“Honest to God, M,” I’d said, “Minivans are not cool. They’re like, considered to be the exact opposite of cool.”

So I was concerned that she’d be  bummed, but nope: everyone’s happy, happy, happy.

And if we haven’t actually had enough passengers to need that optional 3rd row that I needed, so far Cute W’s been too polite to mention it.

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