My Unique Talents

This morning, I slept until 10 am. 10 am! And I’m 45. Now, some would mock me and roll their eyes about me sleeping the day away. Perhaps a couple of those folks live in my house.

But, think about it. I have the sleeping-stamina of a teenager!

People pay good money for dewy, wrinkle-free skin. And for slender, youthful physiques. And for long-lasting, perky erections. In other words, people pay good money to be more like teenagers, but without the pesky angst. And, do you see, with absolutely no effort at all, I am capable of sleeping like a teenager?

I feel like there must be a way to monetize this talent. If you come up with any ideas, please let me know.

Speaking of my slobbish habits talents, ever since I heard that there are going to be new Gilmore Girl episodes on Netflix, I’ve been pondering how to handle this. Do I binge-watch the entire series? Check the show summaries and only watch my favorites? Binge-watch except refuse that last season that didn’t involve any Palladinos? I’m not sure. I’ve definitely been catching up. The one extra development is that I might have gotten the girls sucked into it. I tried a while back and they were not interested, but since then they’ve come around. Also, it makes me really eager to fold laundry, so that’s excellent.

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