Fall Fun


We finally got around to our annual apple picking/pumpkin choosing/cider donut eating outing today. We pick apples and pumpkins at Lindsey’s, then get donuts at Riverview on the way home.

We pretty much had to squeeze it in between two other activities, but every time we do something like that, I resolve that we’ve got to do more outings. Whether it’s a hike or visiting a new place or some seasonal tradition, the girls just switch gears and become exponentially more companionable and pleasant with each other.


So it’s too bad that between soccer and gymnastics and school and other obligations, we often want to just flop onto the couch. I resolve to do less flopping in the future.

In other Halloween-related news, I believe I deserve a gold star in parenting because J’s decided to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. Yesterday we worked on getting the front of her hair poofy for the part that peeks out in front of the handkerchief. She’s pretty psyched. M, meanwhile, hasn’t actually gotten together a costume, but she’s talking about being an old lady. I’m thinking, hey, if you’re going to be an old lady, why not be Notorious RBG, and then I can drag out last year’s suffragette accessories and we can be a Girl Power Trio. Of course the problem with that is that teens and tweens don’t actually want to coordinate their costumes with their mothers. Come to think of it, they didn’t even want to do that when they were little–remember when J was Tinkerbell and M was a Native American girl and we tried to convince her to be Tiger Lily to coordinate with me and Cute W as Wendy and Peter? No? Well, that happened. In fact, you can see the girls, at least, in one of my favorite posts ever on Halloween photos with semi-historically accurate captions.

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