Pile On

This post is from last week. I’ve been having a terrible time keeping up with everything. More on that. But for now, let’s share this, shall we?

Okay, first? Enough with the freakin’ snow already. I mean, really. All of the snow that rightfully belonged in January and February saved itself up for March, and I am not psyched about it. Plus it’s hovering right at that freezing mark, so each time more comes, I think to myself, “Well surely this will just turn into rain and wash it all away.” And then, that is not what happens. Instead it’s that heavy, sloppy snow, and more heavy, sloppy snow. And sure, sure, it clings to the branches and looks absolutely beautiful, blah, blah, blah, I get it. I particularly don’t want any more of these grey-as-snow-sky mornings packed with unplanned-for flurries and mucking up the streets yet again. The other day I was taking photos of the neighborhood for a friend road-tripping through, assuring her that in spite of the latest nor’easter news, all we really had was nuisance snow. Plenty of white, but asphalt’s still in sight. Exhibit A:


And yes, I’ll concede that now that we’ve sprung forward the light has shifted into that gorgeous early spring glow that has a quasi-beneficent quality that is only heightened by the sparkly, sparkly snow. That when the sky is blue it’s impossible to take a walk around the block and fail to notice that in spite of the chill everywhere, there is that expectancy of early spring and warm sunshine that is pushing through the snow like a valiant crocus. And there’s that hope rising, and then you hear a weather forecast and it’s a smackdown again. Whatever. I’m done.

We’ve been busy. This weekend will mark the third in a row that someone’s in Boston for a sports tournament (first Cute W and J to volleyball, then Cute W and M to soccer, now M and I to soccer), and in between the packed weekends there are practices for two sports each and miscellaneous activities thrown in as well. I would say that we average maybe two or three family dinners per week, with everyone running hither and yon. I have heard all about how family dinners will keep us connected and make my kids less likely to do drugs and have sex and commit suicide and everything, and I’m just going to have to bargain that we banked in enough of those when the kids were little that we can coast for a while. Also, isn’t involvement in sports supposed to help with all of that, too? Gosh, I hope so. We certainly invest enough time, money, and effort into it all.


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