Prom, Apparently

Last week, I was working at the concession stand during M’s track meet. This was my second time at this new volunteer gig, and I was feeling pretty good because I was no longer make rookie mistakes like tearing the entire lid off the ramen noodles (open just enough to get the hot water into … [Read more…]


It’s about time I caught you up on our Spain trip. Last year, we approached our Paris trip as the trip of a lifetime. We weren’t sure how it would go, we weren’t sure if we’d ever take the kids to Europe again, and I did a ton of pre-trip preparation. This time. . . … [Read more…]

Yes. I Am Judging You, Sports Parents.

Years back, I went into a full-on rant about judging other parents, and how I do not want to do it. Even though sometimes it is really hard. And, yes, I still agree with my years-ago ranting. And I remain committed to not consuming media that judges parents, like, for sport. But, honestly? It’s getting … [Read more…]

New Pasta Making Stuff

We’ve been enjoying some of Cute W’s birthday gifts, a pasta roller attachment for our KitchenAid and a ravioli mold. Cute W is a sucker for kitchen gadgets, and the rest of the family gets to enjoy the spoils of his labors whenever he gets something new. In retrospect, I sort of can’t believe that … [Read more…]

Learning New Sports

Yes, of course I will get to Spain, but I need a little time. We’re still recovering from our trip, and it’s better if I get organized and ask the girls about their favorite memories and wait until Cute W’s sorted his photos and all of that. I’ve been talking about the girls’ new sports, … [Read more…]

Home from Spain!

Yep, we went away for April break! We just got home tonight. Some people might like to spend the day after a vacation recovering and doing laundry, but we plan on spending tomorrow at a volleyball tournament–whoop, whoop! I will catch you up on our adventures later, but here are a few pictures from this … [Read more…]

Spring, Please!

I think this picture was from our last snowstorm, when it was very snowy but not particularly cold. J decided to make herself some tea and head out to read in the snow. I am ready for spring. Like real, full-on spring. In high school I used to dress up in a summery dress and … [Read more…]

Automatic Kitty

Here is our lovely kitty.   You might not be able to tell just by looking at her, but she is sitting there waiting for someone to turn the faucet on to a gentle stream of cool, fresh water. She has a bowl of water, but that is for lame-os. She’s vastly prefer fresh-flowing water. … [Read more…]