Cleaning Out the Photos

Welp, Halloween’s over. It was not our most fun Halloween ever, I’ve got to say. For the first time ever, neither girl trick-or-treated. Also, when Cute W had to leave the house briefly, he put the bowl of candy out on the porch with a note, which we’ve definitely done before without major incident, but this time someone scooped up all the candy as well as the cute Halloween napkin that the candies were sitting on. Frankly we’re lucky we kept the bowl. On to November, I guess.


With all of my not-writing on the blog, I’ve collected all sorts of random pictures that I never shared. Some of them are whole blog posts for themselves. Others are . . . less worthy. Here are a few of them.

Look how sad! A bee stung me when I unwittingly stepped too close to it on a sidewalk in Saratoga Springs, and my foot got all red and swollen and itchy. So sad. Also pictured: delicious salad fixings!


Recently, Cute W, J, and I spent a Friday evening playing games. It was lovely to just hang out with her and chill for a change. This shot summarized the evening nicely.

While our kitchen was torn apart from the cabinet project and Cute W was traveling, I embraced the frozen and prepared food aisles. Those Simply Asia meals were pretty boring. The Amy’s meals were much more popular at our house. I think I took this picture and texted it to the girls on the way to a meeting, with something along the lines of, “Here’s dinner — enjoy!” Because that’s the kind of loving care I put into my parenting. Nah, really, they were fine.

J made a poster for the varsity volleyball team’s senior night. Her poster was very cute, but


the house remained strewn with glitter after multiple vacuumings.

What a mess. Actually, it was a much bigger mess than you can really see in this picture, and then I took, like, five more photos of glitter scattered all over the house, because when something super-annoying happens around the house, I like to document it for laughs as a coping strategy (see, for example: laundry grousing, kids’ belongings, and turf pellets). But even though we sparkled for days, it wasn’t actually worth its own post, anyway.


I believe I took the picture below because I couldn’t believe that, along with all these other fashions that I thought were gone forever, scrunchies have come back, too. But apparently they’ve totally been back for, like, a really long time, and I am just way behind even the retro trends.

Also, literally the day after I transferred this photo from my phone to my computer to include it in this post, I got in the car with M and she was wearing a scrunchie, and I was like, “Where the hell have I been?”

Here’s a Day-in-the-Life-of-Katie shot: another online meeting from my cozy home office. I’m in the center taking a selfie between some coworkers.



  1. Claire

    Sorry about what happened with your candy. We’ve done that before without a problem, but I always buy way too much candy anyway, so even if the bowl was empty I would still be okay. (It would make me mad, though). Honestly, Halloween has become my least favorite holiday. I’m trying to have a good attitude about it because I know there won’t be too many more years where my son will dress up and go trick-or-treating, but I’m so sick of all the sugar and overpriced costumes and trying to squeeze it all in on school nights. At least we had decent weather for it, after how cold and rainy this fall has been.

  2. My opinion of Halloween varies wildly depending on the year. Sometimes I love the neighborhood vibe. This year was not one of those years….

  3. Claire

    That’s understandable, given that your candy got stolen. Doesn’t exactly promote warm fuzzies…

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