April Showers

Beyond the thunderstorm we had today, M has been showered with all sorts of good fortune and swag this week. On Saturday, she and her relay teammates won their race at a track meet, and the whole team won the track meet, which means she came home with a t-shirt labeled “CHAMPION” and a couple of ribbons, and the team got a write-up in the local paper (which I no longer get, by the way, so if anyone’s got a copy, yes, please, I’d love one). Then on Sunday she played in two tournament games with her soccer team, and they ended up winning the tournament, so she and her teammates got to pose with a big ol’ “Champions” banner and went home with string backpacks. Then on Monday, she went to the new boy’s house where she accepted a “promposal” and came home toting a dozen roses. On Thursday, M leaves for her school trip to Spain. So: her life is pretty good.

It’s not quite as awesome for me. This morning I managed to pull a muscle in my back during literally the first exercise in my workout class, so I didn’t even get sweaty before I had to give up and lie down on an ice pack and moan for a while. If I am being showered with anything, it is meetings. I had two different volunteer meetings today, and I am not a meeting fan. Tomorrow I’ve got another meeting, the one I absolutely can’t skip, which is too bad since it’s my busy “work-work” day, I’ll have to miss both girls as they compete in a track meet that’s happening at the same time, and of course it’s the night before M leaves town for two weeks. So it is not super-convenient. I’m going to make a prediction here: the dinner menu will be take-out.

What else? While M was scooping up accolades this weekend, J was being a social butterfly, with a birthday party, a girls’ manicure outing, and a sleepover along with her volleyball practice. She is always a happier girl when she is busy.

And how’s Cute W? He’s good. He’s tired. He’s busy. He thinks everyone should watch this video, which is a helluva lot easier than reading the massive doorstop of a tome it is based upon.

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