Catching Up

It’s been busy! I mentioned that M had her prom. She’s dating this boy, if that is what you call it these days, although they are both so crazy-busy that it basically means that they’ll hang out together for a couple of hours once a week, slotted in between school, sports practices, club meetings, games, … [Read more…]

Health & Beauty Aids

What follows are some images that I’ve loosely gathered into the topic of health & beauty aids. A few are ghastly, so proceed with caution. Okay, first? Remember my road rage calf strain? It didn’t occur to me to take a good look at it, and then, several days later, I did. Whoa, it was … [Read more…]

Sunday in Philadelphia

It was Easter Sunday, so the Easter Bunny paid our visit to our hotel room. We took a fairly long walk to breakfast, following Yelp’s recommendations to Cafe La Maude, where, they say, “It’s brunch all day.” We ordered together and split everything: A Genovese Omelette (goat cheese, apple, walnut, chicken sausage, tomato, & avocado), … [Read more…]

Saturday in Philadelphia

I’ve already described Day 1 of our long weekend in Philadelphia, and we decided to explore “Historic Philadelphia” on Saturday. It’s started with a short walk to pick up our tickets at the Independence Visitor Center for our visit to Independence Hall. It’s free to visit Independence Hall, which is part of the National Park … [Read more…]


We’ve mostly avoided calamity since my last post. Mostly. Yesterday was M’s prom, and in the brief moment in which she removed her phone’s case in order to slide her official prom ticket inside for safe keeping since her dress was too va-va-va-voom for pockets, she fumbled the phone and it shattered on our driveway. … [Read more…]

Outdoing Myself

Last you heard, I was a hobbling one-woman vigilante. I’m pleased to report that my calf is almost fully functional again. In fact, it’s in a happy place: I was capable of taking a walk with my friend during the lovely weather yesterday (once I told her to slow down) but I’m not quite up … [Read more…]

Not a Stellar Day

Here are three photographs I took today, in reverse chronological order. First, the yogurt that I dropped with enough force that it broke the brand-new container, spilling yogurt as it skittered across the floor. Really, that one’s hardly even picture-worthy, except that it occurred shortly after this lunchtime shot: Why yes, that was my lunch … [Read more…]