My Turn for the Birthday

My birthday was on Sunday. Cute W and M missed it because they were away on a college visit, but J brought her A game, biking to a local store while I was working out at the JCC to pick me up some birthday treats.

I had also requested some embroidery after she’d stitched some super-cute flowers on denim for herself recently, and so she’s working on a project for that. J takes special occasions seriously.

We had a relaxing and self-indulgent day at the Schenectady Greenmarket. We stopped for empanadas for lunch, and then we were kicking ourselves because we’ve been meaning to try the Whistling Kettle. We compromised and popped in for some tea. It is a lovely place and J was beyond psyched at her many tea choices. We’ll have to head back for some food soon.

Speaking of self-indulgence, I bought myself a couple of birthday gifts at the market. Look at this comically adorable little purse! It’s a secondhand 9 West number from the girls’ favorite stall. And it was so cheap that it costs about the same as those (too-expensive) chocolate bars!

It was a good day. M came home with strong opinions about the two schools she visited. . . stay tuned on how that all goes. And tonight is M’s Senior Night for soccer (sniff, sniff), then J gets a chance to play with the varsity volleyball team for a tournament tomorrow (because most of the team is taking PSATs). Luckily we’ve got chocolate to fuel us through all the busy-ness.


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