Cat Castle

Recently Cute W replaced one of our garage doors, and he suggested that the massive cardboard box it came in (and a few extra boxes) could be excellent for building a Cat Castle. At our house, the motto is “Anything for the kitties,” so the girls set to work.

The castle–or “Cats-le”–was still under construction when Ruth started investigating.

Dave was also curious, but a bit more nervous about the whole thing.

We expected the gang plank from one end to another to be very popular. It’s from the super-strong cardboard that framed the garage doors, and usually both cats really like to get as high as they can. But so far, they seem a little suspicious of its sturdiness. The swing has been a work in progress. . . the girls continue to tinker with the best height that says “cool, but still approachable and not terrifying.”

It’s looking like lower is the way to go.

The “Cats-le” hasn’t grown much in the last week or so. But decorating is ongoing.

It’s become a giant space for doodling while the TV is on. So, really, the girls might be enjoying it as much or more than the cats.

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