More New Stuff

Both girls, having been pumped with alternating doses of antibiotics and pro-biotic yogurt, were sent to school today. Meanwhile I continue to languish in The Land of The Never-ending Cold. Really, the emails and tidbits of information are beginning to stack up in a disconcerting manner. Usually I’ll get a few emails about something, and … [Read more…]

Not This Week

Now I’ve got the sickness Cute W had. Which was to be expected, what with all the cootie-passing. So I’m wimping out and not putting together this week’s listing. Hopefully I’ll get something more complete out tomorrow. This week it’s the Riverway Storytelling Festival with events at a variety of locations. Monday, April 4th: At … [Read more…]

Cross Country Skiing

I’m feeling slothful and uninspired at the moment. I even whined to Cute W that I didn’t know what to post tonight. Really, I have a list of possible posts, but just about all of them required some research or writing effort. So what I really meant was, I didn’t know what I could post … [Read more…]

Yikes! Forgot this one-Bullied at Proctors Tonight

Tonight at 7:30 pm there’s a presentation at Proctors of Bullied, a documentary about one student’s experiences with anti-gay bullying. Along with the documentary, there will be screenings of student films and a panel discussion about bullying.  I can’t believe I missed this, especially since I’m friends with one of the organizers! In my brain … [Read more…]


I’m slacking off here at Capital District Fun because I wrote a post on snowshoeing over at All Over Albany. You might even remember the picture from our outing at Thacher last year.

Snowed In

We stayed in Vermont all day today because there was just Too. Much. Snow. to try to go home. Here’s what I did instead of ever leaving the house: Played a marathon game of Loaded Questions Retold and heard stories of the courtship of the various family couples With my sister, gave every girl aged … [Read more…]

Last Weekend Before Christmas

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. Here’s what’s happening this weekend: All Weekend: Melodies of Christmas is playing all weekend at Proctors. NYSTI‘s A Christmas Carol continues this weekend. It’s recommended for ages 7 and up. Home Made Theater presents Ramona Quimby this weekend. Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany continues  A Christmas … [Read more…]

Cute Little Fairies

We’re gearing up for J’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  Now, we’ve never invited the entire class to a party, and we’re almost always just at home.  Where we go overboard is with the cake and the crafts. This year, J said that she wanted a fairy party and the first thing out of M’s mouth … [Read more…]

This Weekend with updates

Yikes!  I keep having to update with items I’d squirreled any in my email and forgotten–sorry! Did anybody else catch that super-gorgeous rainbow today at about, um, 5:45 pm?  We so completely deserved that rainbow, didn’t we?   I mean, seriously, we made it through a lot of rain.  I was over-volunteering at elementary school today, … [Read more…]

First Week in October

I know that the regularly scheduled events page is still a mess, but I promise that I’ve been working on it.  I’ve got a lingering cold and I took a massive 2+ hour nap today (thank you honey) and I’m still sleepy.  Pathetic.  Here’s what’s going on this week: Monday, October 4th: Shannon Hayes will … [Read more…]