Lazy Links Night

Not up for writing, but I’ve got another pile of links for you.

The TU On the Edge Blog had an ARA looking for Christmas activity recommendations.

The idiots (their words, not mine) at You Idiot! took several for the team and tried and reviewed every cookie at Plum Dandy Cookies and Milk.

Love these new Guardian Princesses: they’re not just pretty, they’re powerful and diverse guardians of the earth!

This article from the UK’s Daily Mail about children and pornography completely freaked me out. If you have children aged 11 to 14 and you plan to read this, get yourself a paper bag first in case you hyperventilate during your panic attack.

It’s been a long time since I read this article from the NY Times Magazine article called Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught, so I can’t remember the specifics, but I remember thinking that it was especially interesting because at the time J would get so overwrought about math that she could barely function. But I also copied this quotation, which I thought was pretty hilarious: “Without such evidence, social-emotional learning could go the way of the self-esteem movement, an ill-fated program from the 1980s in which schoolchildren repeated mantras like ‘I am special’ and ‘I am beautiful.’ At the time, it, too, was considered the height of progressive education. The program was largely abandoned after it ended up being connected to rising rates of narcissism.” –Bwah, hah, hah! Sounds like it was pretty successful!

Yoga Journal has a 21-day yoga challenge, with 21 free videos.

Adrienne, the Wandering Working Mom has great holiday gift ideas. I thought of it again when I was reviewing The Wonder Room, where a family membership includes toy lending.

The New York Times Motherlode Blog continues their cool series of crowd-sourced parenting advice, this time on if/when/ how to intervene when your child’s bullied.


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