Halloween. And Then It’s Over, So What Are You Doing This Weekend, Besides Recovering?

I completely forgot to share previous posts about Halloween Treats like popcorn balls or Jack-o-Lantern oranges or pumpkin cheeseball. That’s because I’m barely ready for Halloween. Yesterday someone wrote a letter to the editor in the Daily Gazette about Books for Treats. Um, hello? Why didn’t I think of the unbelievably excellent idea to hand … [Read more…]

Halloween Captions

It’s almost Halloween again, which means another milestone to document for the History of Our Family. I love-love-love First Day of School photos. My children are dressed carefully, they’re alert and eager to please, they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They’re not willing to admit it publicly, perhaps, but each year they’re proud of their new status, … [Read more…]

Catching Up to Halloween

I can’t quite believe that Halloween is only days away. We’ve been both unduly casual and taken by surprise by the holiday this year. Usually, J is begging me to put out Halloween decorations in September, and I insist that we wait until after her birthday (October 1st). This time another week or so passed … [Read more…]

Harry Potter Night

It was Harry Potter night at the kids’ elementary school. Although they’ve been playing Quidditch in gym for years, our school was fairly late in adopting the sort of Hogwarts extravaganza that other schools have been doing for years. But the organizers did an awesome job. The decor in particular was fabulous. Here’s where we … [Read more…]

Animal Life at Our House

At Target today I scooped up a ton of Fancy Feast cat food. It’s my cat’s food of choice, and we needed some, but there was also one of those Target gift card deals, so we stocked up. And then, as we checked  out, the cashier was remarking on the good deal. “I wish my … [Read more…]

New York State Education

UPDATE: Commissioner King will be at Myers Middle School in Albany this Thursday, October 24th, from 4-6 pm. You’ve probably already heard about NY State Education Commissioner John King cancelling his town hall-style forums, in which he’d planned to talk about Common Core and testing and listen to concerns from the community. It turns out … [Read more…]

I Have a Book Problem

I read a lot. I have a running list of books that I want to read that always gets longer faster than I can actually read. When I browse at bookstores, I generally have a pen and a pad so that I can write down authors and titles as I go. Tonight, Cute W and … [Read more…]

We’re Still Going to Move, Dammit

You’ve heard, haven’t you, about the “Let’s Move” postage stamps? They’re being destroyed instead of released because the President’s Council on Fitness objected to the “unsafe” activities the stamps show. Okay, if you hadn’t heard, or if you heard, vaguely, but didn’t read an article about it, take this cool quiz. Which 3 unsafe practices … [Read more…]

Sky Zone

UPDATE: Turns out Sky Zone is coming to Albany in 2014! While we visited Kansas City over the summer, one of our outings was to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Basically, it’s a huge space full of trampolines. The main area feels about as big as a small school gym, and it’s surrounded on three … [Read more…]