Free Summer Events Preview #4

More free summer stuff!

But first, as a public service announcement, I’m issuing a parental advisory.

Moms, you must not, under any circumstances, take speaking children with you into the dressing room when trying on swimsuits.  I know:  it’s such an unpleasant task anyway that it’s tough to use precious “me time” for this. However, it’s important for your self-esteem that you do not bring anyone else into the room with you, especially, for example, a five-year-old who might offer all sorts of kindly-meant comments* such as:

  • Oh!  Not that one!  Because did you look at the back?  It looks like your back is saying, “It’s too squishy in here!  I’m too tight!”
  • Mommy?  Is that underwear comfortable?  Because it looks like it might be too small.
  • Oh!  I like that one!  Except not this part. . . or here. . . or that. . . or the color.  Uh, never mind.
  • That one is not a really good idea because your breasts look all flat and squashed down.
  • I like this one better than all the other ones, but I still don’t think you should buy it because the other ones were really terrible and this one is mostly good but also a tiny bit terrible.

Ummmm, no.  I didn’t buy anything.

On to the  Summer Events: [If you’ve landed here, keep in mind that this post is from 2010! For updated information, you can follow links, check my seasonal page, or try]

At Canal Square in Cohoes, there are Friday night concerts in July and August from 6:30-8:30 pm.

In July and August, there’s the Music Haven Concert Series at Central Park, generally at 7 pm on Sundays.  There’s food there if you don’t have the chance to pack a picnic.

The Grand Street Kids Club is a free summer camp for inner-city Albany kids aged 4 to 12.


This week kicks off the Tuesday night concerts in Cook Park at 6:30 pm.  They run through July and August.

At Clifton Commons Park, there’s music or theater on Sunday evenings at 7 pm, and family-oriented entertainment on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. (The link for this is a huge booklet, so for the concert info., check out pp. 26-27, aka “inside 24-25”)

*Yes, these were all actual comments, alas, and not hyperbole for the cheap laugh. Although I didn’t take notes right then and there, so the quotes  may not be exact.


  1. Heather

    Ok, that is what I needed- a good laugh. Even though today was a beautiful day – it sucked otherwise. So a good chuckle at the end of it, hits the spot nicely. Thanks. BTW it is very hard to find a good bathing suit and my favorite one just kicked the bucket. So if you do find a good one let us know where.

  2. Ken B

    The Music Haven website says that they are bringing the Red Stick Ramblers to Schenectady on July 18.

    I saw that great band at Caffe Lena last year. I have seen a TON of live music, and that was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

    This one is a MUST SEE>

  3. Mari

    Do not buy the bathing suits with the skirt – they look great until you get in the pool and the wet skirt clings in all the worst places!

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