Detox Dips #2

I’ve got another dip for you! This one’s called Lime-Spiked Black Bean Dip, and it’s a Cooking Light recipe.  The first time I made this dip, I thought it was delicious. And then I forgot about it. Because, when I looked at the recipe, I’d think to myself, “That must have been something that was … [Read more…]

Maple Ski Ridge

We finally made it to Maple Ski Ridge! Really, I feel silly that we hadn’t gone before. Everyone told us that it was a great easy trip and perfect for learning skiers. Somehow, I had a mental block that there couldn’t be anything worth a trip that wasn’t, you know, a trip. But we had … [Read more…]


I’m slacking off here at Capital District Fun because I wrote a post on snowshoeing over at All Over Albany. You might even remember the picture from our outing at Thacher last year.

Detox Dips #1

After spending several posts in December tempting you with cheese, chocolate, and butter, I figured that we’re all due for a bit of a detox. First, a disclaimer: I am in no way an authority on the detox issue. I don’t have the self-discipline for a cleanse. Last year I did manage one week of … [Read more…]


We got a notice about pink eye and head lice in J’s class. Again. Actually, I’m grouchy tonight for a whole host of reasons, both large and small, but I won’t bore you with them. Except, here’s J’s go-to bug-avoiding hairdo: Instead, I’ll tell you about what we’re reading lately. M just finished The Good … [Read more…]

Nursery School Shopping Season

If you think that nursery school or preschool is in your child’s future, you should know that January kicks off School Shopping Season. Generally, these programs are for kids who will be 3, 4, or a young 5 in September 2011. I remember going to a play date back when M was still two years … [Read more…]