Halloween Treat: Forked Eyeballs

One of the items J wanted for her party was the Forked Eyeballs that she saw in Family Fun magazine. Basically, they’re donut holes dipped in white chocolate and decorated to look like creepy eyeballs. I ended up scheduling them for the bring-to-school treat instead.

Of all the things that we made, J thought that these were the most fun to do.

The recipe says to use white chocolate chips and a double boiler, but I went with the almond bark-style stuff and melted in the microwave. For us, it was a bit goopy. Someone who commented on the site (linked above) tried frosting. I don’t know: I found it a little bit stressful. We also used Dunkin’ Donuts and found that the plain glazed held together better than the chocolates for this project.

Since this was clearly not going to be a gourmet venture, I took what I thought would be the easy way out and bought some instant red icing.

I didn’t notice that you were supposed to buy the tip separately. Well, that’s irritating. I was bitter, but luckily I still had that super-cool decorating kit I mentioned before, so I transferred the frosting. The recipe also suggested cutting the chocolate chips, which would have been a pain in the neck and a complete waste of time. Again, if you check the comments on the recipe, someone posted cute ones with M&M pupils as well. I didn’t go that crafty.

M lost interest after a couple of eyeballs, but J enjoyed helping through the whole process. Ours came out a little bit messier than the glossy magazine examples, but the good thing about Halloween craftiness is that MESSY=SPOOKY.

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