This Week

Long night. Here’s what I’ve got: All Week: The new Clifton Park Stadium 10 Cinema is celebrating their grand opening this weekend with a variety of showings, many of them family-friendly. Tickets and refreshments are $2, and proceeds go to charity. Les Miserables School Edition, performed entirely by students, is at Cohoes Music Hall beginning … [Read more…]

Cash Box

With her most recent birthday, J received a cash box and a monthly allowance of $8. At our house, the kids do chores, but the allowance isn’t “pay for chores.” We give them an allowance out of the kindness of our hearts, in much the same way that we provide them with tasty food and … [Read more…]

In Which I Rock

Sometimes my kids are just wonderful. They are kind and understanding to each other, and they run away to some corner of the house to, say, play school, and they come up occasionally to politely ask for help with a snack. When I have the requested snack in stock, they reward me with joyful shouts … [Read more…]

The Girls Report

J stayed home from school yesterday. She had a headache and stomachache, and when I tried to move her along in the morning, she just walked right upstairs and climbed back into bed. So she was out. Last night we fit in a soccer scrimmage and a harvest dance for M, I dropped off a … [Read more…]

Feelin’ Funky

I’ve been in a bit of a funk ever since we returned from vacation. Exhausted and disorganized and crabby. Really, everyone’s been feeling that way, like we’re all lurching and scrabbling on a hill and we just can’t find our footing. For a while I was trying to catch up on it all, and more … [Read more…]