Laurie Berkner Giveaway!

Omigosh, omigosh!

I am super-excited because I have yet another giveaway, and it’s an excellent prize for somebody: a family 4-pack of tickets to see The Laurie Berkner Band!





They’re playing at Proctors on Saturday, January 7th at 11 am, and tickets are $25 to $35.

If you don’t know Laurie Berkner already, well: she’s awesome. She’s my favorite kid-friendly musician by far. I’ve even mentioned her in passing a few times, like when I talked about a favorite lullabye with J.  Maybe you’ve seen her on Nick, Jr. We haven’t: we don’t have cable.

But I totally agreed when People Magazine called her “The queen of kids’ music” and when Time Magazine said she was “a kind of sippy-cup Sheryl Crow.” Okay, I actually didn’t read either of those things at the time, but if I’d seen the articles in the magazines, I totally would have read them, because I am a fan.  So when I read these lovely quotes from the nice lady who was kind enough to pass along the tickets, I said, “Heck, yeah!” And I’ll add my own endorsement: I have been known to listen and sing along to Laurie Berkner when absolutely no children are present! I think she’s awesome.

So, here’s the deal: this time, we’re sharing the giveaway with, which means that we’ll take entries from both sites, pool them together, and randomly pick one winner of the 4-pack of tickets.

To enter, comment below and tell me your favorite song to sing with kids and why. It doesn’t have to be a Laurie Berkner song, just any song and why (so your fellow readers might get ideas for new music). You’ll need to comment by Saturday, December 17th at 11:59 pm. I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 19th.

You can double your chances of winning by entering over at as well. Follow the instructions there (she always asks for contact info. in case she needs to mail a prize, but she won’t use it for anything else).  There’s also a spot on that page where you can enter your email address for the free weekly newsletter that I help write, if you haven’t done so already.

Hooray! I know we’re just coming off of the Disney on Ice Giveaway, but this one was too good to pass up.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Kelli

    Ha! My current favorite song to sing is the theme of Wonder Pets. We don’t have cable either but its on Netflix and we find it adorable (me, DH & our 2 year old daughter). “Whats gonna work? Teamwork!”

  2. Sarah C.

    We love Laurie Berkner, and one of our favorites is We Are the Dinosaurs and we stomp around the living room.

  3. Mia Hinners

    This is so exciting!!!! Our family loves all of her songs, but we sing Moon Moon Moon every night, before bed. My 2 year old singing along to the words is priceless..we LOVE LOVE LOVE Laurie Berkner Band!!!

  4. ck

    my 4 year old daughter and I love to sing “Home on the Range” together. we sing it low and long. the absolute best part is listening to her add the howling coyote sounds!

  5. kaleena

    We love Laurie Berkner!!…my personal favorite is The Cat Came Back, My lovely Evey’s favorite is I Really Love to Dance, and baby D just loves music and dancing!

  6. Rebecca J.

    My kids and I watch the Laurie Berkner Band DVD all the time and their favorite is “I’m gonna catch you”. They like to run around when the chorus comes on… I of course have to “chase” them 🙂

  7. Mommehamm

    My 3 little ones love to sing anything…. We tend to turn lots of things into songs……brush your teeth whoosh whoosh….you get the idea. My favorite right now is the ABC’s because all 3 of them know it from A to Z and arecsp proud of themselves!

  8. Karen

    So many wonderful Laurie Berkner songs, but our all time fav is Victor Vito!! Such a great song with silly lyrics with mixd up tempos. We could sing and dance to it everyday!

  9. Brigid

    Our favorite song to sing with the girls is “The Wheels on the Bus”. They are big fans of Laurie Berkner!

  10. Vincenzo A.

    My kids are big fans of The Laurie Berkner Band (1 of their favorite CD’s) and it definitely gets them singing and dancing…but so do The Black Eyed Peas. I put on I’ve Got A Feeling and my 4 year old will stop whatever he is doing (including the shower) and starts singing and dancing….as soon as it stops, all you hear is “again!”.

  11. Amanda Reed

    Any Christmas carols! We have music going in the car, at home and at meals. We all love this time of year:-)

  12. Danielle

    My daughter just loves music and singing she even puts up with my voice which isn’t very musically inclined. Currently her favorite is Old McDonald in which we sometimes change up and add family members & say what they do like grandma with a bake bake here & a bake bake there

  13. Danielle

    My daughter just loves music and singing she even puts up with my voice which isn’t very musically inclined. Currently her favorite is Old McDonald in which we sometimes change up and add family members & say what they do like grandma with a bake bake here & a bake bake there

  14. SarahT

    Love all Laurie B. music, but Moon, Moon, Moon is a current favourite and the kids especially like the ‘click’ bit 🙂

  15. Anna

    We love Laurie Berkner. My boys favorite song is Rocketship Run. They love when I pick them up to blast off! We also love We are the Dinosaurs…both boys act out the song. All of her music is great!!

  16. Emily

    We have many favorite songs to sing together, so I’ll pick a Laurie Berkner one: Boody Boody Ya Ya Ya– because who doesn’t love to sing those words?

  17. Heather

    Our all time favorite is Skinna-marink-e-dink-e dink-
    I think it is an old Sharon, Lois and Graham song. We sing it EVERY night before bed since he was about 2 months old. He is in Kindergarten now!

  18. Erin

    We love to sing “Mr. Sun!” It has been a favorite of my toddler’s since she was an infant and would always settle her down on car rides. She still loves it!

  19. Jen

    We love to stomp around the house singing “We are the Dinosaurs” but instead of saying dinosaurs, we say our last name!

  20. Debi

    I love to sing the “Name Game” song with my daughter. You know, the “banana fana fo fana” song. She is almost two and she loves shouting out different family member’s (and even pet’s) names for me to sing in the silly rhyme. That, and Baby Beluga are our faves.

  21. Beth

    My two children absolutely love music! I would have to say their favorite is a funny rhyming song “Down by the Bay.” As a kid I loved the song so it is funny to hear them sing it to. It goes like this..Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go, for if I do my Mother would say..did you ever see a bear combing his hair? Then you just change it to make a silly rhyming sentence. We laugh and sing all the time.

  22. Right now, we’re on a Christmas song run: Molly’s favorites are “Rudolph” and “Frosty the Snowman”. During non-holiday times, we love “You Are My Sunshine.”

  23. Sara

    My boys (2 & 6) love Laurie Berkner! In fact, the whole family does! I think everybody’s favorite is Victor Vito.

  24. merce

    Victor Vito was the first song my 2 year old daughter learn in English when we moved here from Spain 3 years ago!!! Now all the family sings together with my 20 month old when she ask over and over and over and over to play the Let’s Hear it for the Laurie Berkner Band DVD. It is almost impossible to choose a favorite for the whole family but I’ll say is My family -is like everyone feels better with each other after singing it!-

  25. cindy

    We are BIG Laurie Berkner fans. ‘I’m a little tiger’ and ‘moon, moon, moon’ are on the playlist every night for bedtime songs. Of course mommy is always requested to be the singer.

  26. Michelle

    Oh man! What an awesome giveaway! We are HUGE Laurie Berkner fans – you are not alone in listening to her with no children present! 🙂 I think ‘Can You Imagine’ is one of my favorites of hers, and my kids are big fans of ‘The Cat Came Back’ and the Thanksgiving song (can’t remember the name of it right now).
    Little C’s 3rd birthday is coming up next month – it would be unbelievably awesome to win and be able to take the girls to see this concert!!

  27. debbie b

    we love dan zane’s wonderwheel, my 4 year old loves to dance to it, its upbeat, great harmony. welove alot of dan zanesmusic….

  28. Christina

    We love Laurie Berkner and always have so much fun listening to her music. My daughter loves the song “Pig on Her Head” and enjoys making up her own animals and putting in the names of family members and her preschool class.

  29. We love Laurie Berkner and have so much fun listening to her music. My daughter loves the song “Pig on Her Head” and enjoys making up animals to put on the head of family members and preschool classmates.

  30. christine g.

    We love Hullabaloo especially the “green beans everywhere” mix CD. I swear it actually helps to get my two year old to eat a vegetable!

  31. Judy K

    We love singing and dancing to all of Laurie Berkner’s music and feel lucky when we find one of her dvd’s on the shelf at the library. “My Energy” is one of our favorite Laurie Berkner songs.

  32. Heidi

    We love Laurie Berkner and we live your site. We often giggle to Cookie Bakers of the night, I’m Going Catch You and My Energy. Thanks for this!!!

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