Fruityliciousness at Our House

I’m generally a very cheap person, from a long line of cheap people.  (At Thanksgiving my sisters and I realized that three of us were wearing–with modifications–the same unbelievably unflattering Old Navy harem pants because we couldn’t pass up the super-sale deal.  I tried to find a link, but the Old Navy people are so ashamed that their website claims that they don’t exist.)  However,  I habitually spend too much money on fruit.  And because I’m holiday’d out and yet feel compelled to post every day to prove that I can (to myself, at least, because God knows if anyone else is actually out there), here are some of our latest Adventures in Fruityliciousness.

The same weekend in the Harem pants, I stole a book from my sister.  It was Jamberry, by Bruce Degen.  In my defense, I thought that I was merely reclaiming one of our best-loved board books.  But it was one of their best-loved board books, too!  So, I suck.  And I need to run to the bookstore.  But put it on your reading list.  It makes no sense whatsoever, and yet it’s delightful.

I was at the grocery store express checkout buying some cherries just the other day.  I love cherries.  They were expensive.  I bought them anyway.  An old lady behind me murmured, seemingly to herself: “Cherries in winter.  Can you imagine. . . ?”  And with all of my over-educated upper-middle-class guilt, knowing full well that cherries were not on the 100-mile diet and therefore I was contributing to global warming with my non-conscious consumption,  I responded ruefully, embarrassed:  “I know.  It’s unnatural.”  “Oh, ” she said brightly, “it’s marvelous.”  I mean, she glowed with the marvel of it all.  This lady remembers when you could only eat the fruit you’d put up yourself.  Makes me a little jealous of my parent’s generation:  they found cherries at the supermarket and they didn’t feel guilty about it.

My kids are eating raw spinach!  I know! It’s  hidden in our fruit smoothies. When the girls catch a glimpse of green I tell them it’s a stray strawberry top.  I feel like the most kick-ass (albeit dishonest) mother ever!

I am eating pomegranates.  To quote the nice old lady:  marvelous.  What I love is that they are such work to eat that I can go at it continuously for an entire episode of Deadwood and I’ve still barely eaten anything.  Sweet and delicious, full of antioxidants, and $1.50 at Price Rite.  Which is about the same as half a container of Ben & Jerry’s.


  1. Sisthasone and two and numba one neice

    We think you should have bought those pants in three colors and all the cherries because YOU DESERVE them Sistah!

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