Babysitter, Anyone?

Usually I give you the weekend plans closer to the actual weekend, but there’s a big-deal event that’s really not for the family, anyway.  It’s the Albany Chefs’ Food and Wine Festival, and there are several events, but the cheapest you’ll manage is $50/person.   From what I hear, there are all sorts of delicious items to eat and drink, so I’m sure that you could make it worth your while if you’re willing to eat and drink to excess.  Hey, forget the babysitter!  Maybe you should let your significant other stay home with the kids, and you can take a pregnant friend along so that she can be your designated driver!


  1. Mary Ellen

    I had trouble finding your website. I was spelling capital wrong. I loved your creative babysitter cost-cutting idea! Very thrifty.

  2. Sunny Savannah

    Love the pregnant designated driver idea. Unfortunately all our friends are long past their child bearing years. Guess that means we should be able to afford a private driver. Great event!

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