Oui, j’aime crêpes!

Voici, c’est la raison que j’aime travailler sur ce blog.  Et aussi, la raison que j’aime le Google translate.  Okay, I’m getting silly now, but between my lapsed college French and Google translate, I can sound convincing as. . . someone who used to vaguely know some French.   As I was saying, this is why I love working on this blog.  Because in the process of looking for teensy baby activities, I stumble across other things, like the fact that you can go to Chez Daisie in Schenectady every third Wednesday evening of the month to hang out and speak French!

Will I ever actually get around to doing this. . . peut-être non.  But do I like the idea that I could? Mais oui!

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  1. Melinda

    And for the record, it’s a great place to take kids for dinner. What kid doesn’t like pancakes with fruit and whipped cream? It’s not that expensive, has great food, and you’re not so full that you can’t stand a little walk over to Villa Italia for dessert (provided you didn’t have a dessert crepe for dinner, and well, even if you did!). That was exactly what we did for my last birthday dinner and it was a lovely evening.

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