Drive-In Season–updated

Oh! I forgot to tell you about an encounter at the park yesterday–some lady was oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over how pretty M is and she exclaimed, “What kind of a night did you two have when you made her!?!” Wow, that’s super-awkward.  Especially when you’re standing there next to your parents.  We just smiled and I clutched W like, oh my gosh, is it possible to make someone go away just through mental telepathy?   Eventually she wandered off.

A friend recently reminded my moms’ group of another seasonal activity–the drive-in movie theater.  Her favorite is the Malta Drive-In, which currently has the most family-friendly drive-in movies in the area, along with the Hi-Way Drive-In, at least among those that I found.

I know that some others have had success bringing their baby to a drive-in theater just to watch grown-up shows.  Since you’re in your own vehicle, you don’t have to stress about baby babble annoying the other theater-goers, and you can easily get up and walk around if necessary.   We tried this ourselves and failed miserably–I can’t remember why, but I believe that a great deal of shrieking was involved.  Also, the night that we went, it seemed that everyone else was there because they were allowed to smoke while watching a movie.  Which is particularly difficult when you’re first-time parents with an innocent infant who doesn’t deserve to inhale all those toxic fumes.  But I think that it might be worth a shot this year, now that both of the girls are adamantly pro-movie.

Anyway, here’s a list of some area drive-ins. . . please let me know if I’m missing any:

This also tends to be a cheaper movie-watching option as well.  Prices tend to be $3 to $4 for kids–especially excellent if you manage to get two movies in a row that you’d all like to see.  Speaking of thrifty movie options, there’s also the Scotia Cinema, which I talked about before, if you are a newer reader.


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