We took a look at our many options, thought about hitting Schuyler Mansion’s Twelfth Night Celebration (anyone go?  how was it?), and then we decided that we just didn’t have the energy to do much of anything.

We thought that Fantastic Mr. Fox had passed us by–especially tragic since my sweet husband had run out and bought the book long before it came out so that they’d be ready–when we stumbled across an ad saying that  it was playing at Scotia Cinema.  Perfect.  We get out of the house, but remain sluggish.  About Scotia Cinema. . .okay, I’m feeling pretty stupid that I never went there before.  Umm, $15 for tickets for the four of us?  And their food was cheap, too.   Plus,  it’s got a balcony–woo, hoo!  So, usually I’d consider movies a little too obvious for this blog, but when it’s cheap and nice and locally-owned, well, you should know that.  Maybe everybody else did know and it’s just that nobody bothered to tell me.  If so, you guys, that’s kind of mean.

But that’s not the only Fantastickness around here.  And no, I’m not even talking about how 36 hours from now both of my children will be in school. (I really do love them!  I do!  You believe me, right?)  I’m talking about The Big Ol’ List of Links For You.  I’ve put it up.  You can always find it over there on the left. . . look under the About Me thing. . . see it?  But, of course, I’m so overzealous at this point that I’m going to link from right here!  Because this was a lot of work and I don’t want you to miss it.  Actually, there’s The Back Story there, too, if you’ve never noticed.  But, no–focus!–about the links:  it is a work in progress.  So please do tell me about other things if you’ve got them.  For the moment I’m not doing too much that’s far away or summer-specific.  And maybe there are whole categories that you’d like to see?  Really, if I sat here for half an hour I’d probably have 5 or 10 more links.  I wanted it to be pretty big and nice before I shared it, but honestly, I’m starting to become a little obsessive-compulsive.  See, I’m trying to let the perfectionism go a little bit, because if I were still working for perfect, then I wouldn’t even be actually blogging yet.  So here it is, so far.  Anyway, I hope you find something new that’s interesting. . . .


  1. See, I thought you might be one of the people keeping the secret from me. Glad I don’t have to be mad and freeze you out.

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