Mother’s Day Weep-Fest Triple Threat

Hey!  I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.  Grab yourself a box of tissues and have some serenity moments.

On Being Mom by Anna Quindlen This is something I always give to moms having their first baby.  I couldn’t find this on her site or among the Newsweek columns, so this is just a random blog that would generally like you to be all fulfilled and evolved.  I mildly resent the blogger for throwing in a last line after the essay, but this blog kicks the butt of other blogs that had distracting flashing advertisements.

The Best Day by Taylor Swift You’re not 11–I know!  But try!  And for some reason her official channel isn’t showing it, so this has lyrics over the (genuine) cute home movies, alas.

Happy Mother’s Day from Kelly Corrigan Making the rounds on Facebook this year, if you haven’t seen it yet.  And if that one gets you, you will completely lose it for this one, which is more about women & friendships.

Have a great Mother’s Day.

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