We’re Okay!

It’s Wednesday and I hadn’t posted yet, so I thought that you might be concerned that I’m drowning under the weight of my CSA produce. Indeed, we’ve had our hugest haul yet, but I’m feeling like it’s under control. The freezer is my friend. I’ve washed a bunch of greens. I have two recipes in the hopper (thanks to those of you who sent me recipes, by the way) and a solemn vow from Cute W that he’ll make zucchini bread. Still, there are so many greens that I’m using some of them just as home decor:

So, that’s under control. We had a Date Night tonight:  actually  one-on-one Kid & Parent Night, so the girls chose the destinations, with Cute W and M going for Thai while J and I had Chinese (yes, the girls like some ethnic eating).  Then there was washing CSA greens, and finally, I was working on the weekly newsletter for Kids Out and About, which you should totally just sign up for already if you haven’t. Oh, and there’s a huge kid-music-library-giveaway that you should check out, too.

Phew! Finally done with all that, and super-excited because after our date, J and I visited the library where she got her very own card and I got myself a small pile of books. Because I needed a decent book desperately. I’ve been grouchy, and I think that part of the reason is that I’ve had a couple of duds in a row. First one that was good but a bit of a slog because it was long and dense (it reminded me, actually, of zucchini), then a “light” book that turned out to be depressing, then an historical fiction that I aborted after 75 pages because I’d already tried to take notes on the characters to keep them straight and I still couldn’t keep them straight. Phew. So I’m going to tuck myself into bed. I’m not even proofreading, so forgive my flaws.

Oh, and for this morning’s bike ride, I managed a photo of Miss J. The outfit is not quite as fabulous, but you do get to see the shoes. This was taken while I was biking, so it was my best effort.



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