Goodbye Play Kitchen

My kids are old. I just said goodnight and goodbye to my 6-year-old J, because she’ll be 7 in the morning. If it were numbers alone, I think that I could handle it, but after I tucked her in, I left her in bed reading Ten Timid Ghosts to herself, by herself. Which is wonderful! … [Read more…]

Spilling Over

I’ve been wanting to tell you all something, but I’ve been too scared. Which is silly, I know, but bear with me: I fear that you will help me, and at this point, guidance is frightening. Yes, I know that we all need guidance sometimes. And while I have my strengths–I’m diligent about finishing leftovers, … [Read more…]

J’s Birthday Looming

J’s 7th birthday is on Saturday. That means a treat to bring into school on Friday, celebrating at home on Saturday, and a kid party on Sunday. As my dad would say, a pagan festival. Really, all of October is sort of looming. After the party there’s an out-of-town wedding and a big family vacation, … [Read more…]

Fun Run

M had a busy day today: a soccer game in the morning, soccer tryouts in the afternoon, and a 1-mile fun run. For those of you with younger kids, this seems like a pretty common thing for many sports. There’s a recreation league through the city or town, and then there are local clubs for … [Read more…]

So Glad it’s Friday

It’s been a week of petty failures for me. Cute W was gone all week (back now, thank you-thank you-thank you), and every time I thought I had running the household well in hand, I realized that I didn’t. On Wednesday, we had J’s piano practice at Mary‘s, homework for both girls, and J’s gymnastics, … [Read more…]

Balloon Festival, National Museum Day, Cats, Buckmoths, and More This Weekend

Phew! I just biked home from Back to School Night in pouring rain. Let’s hope the weather improves. Here’s what I’ve found–if you have suggestions, please add them to the comments. All Weekend: It’s the final weekend of the Hudson River Valley Ramble. It’s the Adirondack Balloon Festival. Cats is playing at Cohoes Music Hall. … [Read more…]

At Our House, Every Day’s the Day of the Girl

Thanks so much for all of the preschool game suggestions in the comments! Hey, did you know that tomorrow’s the Day of the Girl? Yeah, I didn’t either. But I’m very excited because over at New Moon Girls, they’re launching Girl-Caught. You can print out your own stickers to slap onto advertisements or products, one … [Read more…]

Small World

Cute W loves games. He’s always finding a new game to try with the girls.  He particularly likes strategy games, which can be a tough sell for them. But a new favorite with M is Small World. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up, and I think that’s pretty accurate. J finds it intimidating, but … [Read more…]