A Fantasy Evening

Last night I said that I’d love to hear about volunteer efforts in the Capital District, and the folks at All Over Albany have some suggestions here. Also, Matt Baumgartner of Friday Puppy/Bombers/Biergarten fame, is asking for donations to help out Jumpin’ Jacks.

Oh, and I forgot: I meant to link to DelSo, who just wrote a review of Zoom Flume in case you’re interest in an end-of-summer outing.

I’m holed up upstairs because Cute W is hosting a Fantasy Football draft tonight–he does two leagues every year. Yowza.

J requested earplugs to drown out all of the testosterone, and M claimed that the earplugs didn’t work and is, as far as I know, still sulking in bed. I advised her to stick a pillow over her head “because that’s what I do when you guys are being to loud when I’m trying to sleep.” Passive aggressive? Yeah, okay, a little. But she needs to suck it up so that I can finish my post and start a chick flick already!

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