Home at Last!

Alright, the truth is that we’ve been home almost two days already, but I’m finally “home” to the blog.

Disney World was super fun and unbelievably exhausting.

On our last night, children and adults were both practically nodding off into our dinners, and while the rest of our relatives left first thing in the morning, Cute W, the girls and I jam-packed some more fun into the last day before finally dragging our exhausted selves to the airport for our afternoon flight.

Just in time to learn that the afternoon flight had changed to an evening flight.

So we settled in.

We did a sit-down meal just to chew up time. J ordered perhaps her 8th corn dog of the week.

The girls watched a movie on W’s laptop:

M loved riding the little train between concourses, and W and I took turns doing so. Repeatedly.

We dropped still more cash in the airport gift shop.

J attempted sleep, with minimal success:

Tempers flared. There was intermittent sobbing, a terribly messy spilling-of-an-overpriced-yogurt incident, and marital discord. Really, there wasn’t nearly as much whining as I think was warranted by the situation. The girls weren’t bad at all, and graded on a curve, they were Superstars.

Once on the plane, the pilot tried so hard to make up for lost time that the descent into Albany was crushing to small ears. One infant wailed constantly, and poor J sobbed pitifully, although later she had no recollection of the incident. We touched down a little past midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Since then, it’s been laundry, catching up on homework, and catching up on sleep. The poor girls have been through the ringer: M has taken 4 tests (spelling, vocab, geography, reading comprehension) and run a mile in gym in the last two days. J’s sleep schedule is out of wack after so many late nights, and she spends the evenings fretting so much about the next morning that she can’t fall asleep. I’ve finally managed to plow through everything in my three different email accounts, and the main living areas of the house are no longer filled, tornado-style, with unpacked items. But both girls’ rooms are terribly messy and I just don’t have the heart to make them clean them up yet with everything else on their plate.

Still, slowly but surely we’re recovering. Soon I’ll have more cheerful posts about our many Disney adventures.  I have notes, I have pictures, but all of it requires more thought than I can handle tonight.

Thanks so much to all the guest post writers! I appreciate it!

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