The First Miracle of the Season!

Yesterday I was running out of time for my grocery shopping trip, and I thought that I’d just go to ShopRite because it is closer to me than my regular big supermarkets. This was a stupid, stupid idea.Which I realized about five minutes into the excursion. I’ve been there so rarely that I spent way … [Read more…]

Disney on Ice Giveaway

So, guess what? Disney On Ice is coming to the Times Union Center from December 7th to 11th with their show  Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey. In Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey, the delightful mouse couple lead you on a journey through four Disney stories:  The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Peter Pan and Lilo … [Read more…]

Albany Institute of History & Arts Family Festival and LEGO® Building Challenge

Hey! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent yesterday with family, too, and we really enjoyed the weather. The grown-ups spent all day and into the night around an outdoor fire pit drinking wine and continuing to eat too much, while the cousins  constructed a tree fort/pirate ship. Pretty ideal. Today I went … [Read more…]

Random Pre-Thanksgiving Post

We’re traveling to visit family for tomorrow and Friday. Then we’ll be back in town on Saturday, in time for me to be the judge at the Albany Institute of History & Art’s LEGO® Building Challenge. I might just slack off and completely skip posting for a few days. Unless I’m inspired. Tonight I’m decidedly … [Read more…]

A Few Gift Suggestions

When I was pulling together events yesterday, I noticed plenty of events have different prices for members and non-members. It reminded me that I think that I think museum memberships are a great gift request, especially if you have relatives who want to get stuff, stuff, and more stuff. If you become a member of … [Read more…]

Gearing Up for the Holidays

We’ve had a low-key weekend. I had a (desperately-needed) girls’ night out on Friday. Today we lounged, and our only outing was to M’s soccer game. This was her third game with this team, and each game they’ve gotten their butts’ kicked, but slightly less than last time. Today’s loss of 5 to 1 felt … [Read more…]

A Festive Holiday Upgrade

And by “holiday,” I don’t mean Christmas. I mean the next important holiday coming up: Thanksgiving. Last year I posted about our Thankful Tree. We love the Thankful Tree. For years, it’s been a humble little construction paper-twig tree, like the original idea from Family Fun. But this year, with that heavy snowfall, we had … [Read more…]

Clothing Joy and Pain

The other day we received an unanticipated package. “A package!” both girls yelled, as their Psychic Possible Gift Perception kicked in. The return address was my mom, so the girls  clustered like cats around tuna while I gestured for space with my scissors. Dangerous but effective. Look! New scarves for me, M, and J! Yippee! … [Read more…]