J and Her Dad Share Something Very Special

Before the post, I just wanted to remind everyone that if you’re considering going down to New York City for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you should read my post from last year. Anyway. . .

While J was in Disney World, she fell in love. Like many great love stories, it came as a surprise. I never would have predicted that she’d become so enamored with. . .

. . .

A Baby Ewok!

I mean, come on, who even considered that plush baby Ewoks even existed somewhere?

Okay, umm, now I just feel stupid. Because I wrote that last sentence, and then I decided to Google it, and apparently you can go on Ebay right now and order up a veritable crapload of baby Ewoks in a variety of colors, styles, and genders.

I stand corrected.

Really, I’ve just never been that interested in Star Wars. I think I saw, oh, I don’t know, maybe the first one growing up, and I was like, whatever. I believe pretty much my entire family had the same reaction, so I’m not sure if it was a nature or nurture issue, but in any case, Star Wars just didn’t rock my world. Grease, on the other hand, made quite an impression (it was also the first movie that I ever watched on a VCR, at my friend Cathy Goldenberg’s house).

After we were married, I tried to be a good sport and learn to appreciate the splendor of Star Wars. Because my husband–in fact, his entire family–loves Star Wars. Very much. I did my best to remain attentive, but my mind would always wander. We sort of gave up. I mustered a bit of enthusiasm years later when Natalie Portman jumped into the mix, but even then. . . eh.

Poor Cute W had screened Star Wars with the girls a while back to a tepid reception. And then. . .

Enter the Baby Ewok.

Of all the choices in all the gift shops in all the many parks of Disney, somehow the Baby Ewok was the one item that J simple Could. Not. Live. Without. We put her off the first time she asked for it, saying that she should wait to consider her options. Days later she was drawing sketches of the elusive Baby Ewok in the hotel room while Grandma planned her quest to obtain her quarry. Finally, J and Baby Ewok were brought together.

J has been lovingly caring for her Baby Ewok ever since.

New babies can shift your whole perspective on the world, can’t they? As a caring adoptive mother, J feels it is important to understand her baby’s birth culture and unique place in the world. That’s right: she arrived home from Disney World yearning to watch Star Wars. Within a week they’d watched Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back.

Cute W was thrilled. M, less so.

Today J stayed home from school, recovering from a little cold. When I asked her if she’d like to watch a movie, it was an easy choice. She and Baby Ewok wanted to watch The Empire Strikes Back.

I reported her movie choice to Cute W, expecting him to be pleased. His reply?

“She’s watching WITHOUT ME?!?!?!”


  1. Erin

    Every weekend, on the day that I sleep in (and yes, we take turns every weekend), Molly, Emmett & Daddy watch one of the Star Wars movies. Molly wakes us up in the AM by saying, “Today is not a work day? So Daddy & Emmett & me can watch Star Wars?”

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