The Girls Report

J stayed home from school yesterday. She had a headache and stomachache, and when I tried to move her along in the morning, she just walked right upstairs and climbed back into bed. So she was out. Last night we fit in a soccer scrimmage and a harvest dance for M, I dropped off a huge carload for a garage sale, and poor J arrived at our bed in 1 am begging for more drugs.

Today M had two different soccer games, so Cute W and I traded off between sick duty and soccer duty. I scored the indoor game.

Meanwhile, Cute W took the opportunity of a sick day to have a mini movie festival, and he knew exactly what to show. J came home from Disney World with a new and beloved possession:

Do you see what this is? It’s a baby Ewok!! What a weird thing to sell! What a weird thing for J to choose as her new life’s companion. . . .

The girls have seen the first Star Wars movie, and in spite of Cute W’s repeated suggestions, they’ve never shown particular interest in seeing more. Suddenly, though, J wants to see the real Ewoks.

They’ve now completed the trilogy–M grudgingly and J with great enthusiasm. Until one of the Ewoks died.  J took it hard, M teased her and was reprimanded, and there were tears all around at bedtime.


At least there’s an extra hour for rest tonight.


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