Cluck, Cluck, Limey Chicken!

Recently I noticed that three of our Family Favorite recipes contain chicken and lime juice. They’re all pretty easy, so I thought that some of you folks out there might like them, too. The girls are huge fans of Chicken Satay when we go out for Thai food, and a new favorite at home is … [Read more…]

This Week

It’s been a crazy-busy weekend. I spent all day yesterday at the Hannaford Kidz Expo. In fact, you can check out the Facebook Page for a picture of me and Debra Ross! We had SO much fun, and the very best part was meeting readers and folks I’ve known only through comments and emails. … [Read more…]

Snow Day! Plus This Weekend

Yesterday I spent the morning in a frenzy of gathering leaves, running plastic play dishes through the dishwasher, and scrubbing down everything in the general vicinity of the playhouse to try to rid ourselves of whatever’s bugging J. Just as I finished up, the snow started swirling. When the girls arrived from school, they put … [Read more…]