This Week

I’ve been a blog slacker this weekend. We were unbelievably busy on Friday and Saturday, and then today I thought I’d make it up to you with a morning post, and then I just didn’t. It was too beautiful to be on the computer.  Sorry about that. Here are some random helpful links in honor … [Read more…]

Albany St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Fiddler on the Roof, Alice in Wonderland, Maple Sugaring, and More This Weekend

Hey! It’s a busy weekend coming up. We’ve got the Learning Fair at our school on Friday and lots of family coming to our house on Saturday. Remember, these days, this post is just a summary of what’s going on.  Check here for the email newsletter. I write part of it, and there are … [Read more…]

A Scare

At dinner, we were laughing about some political remark one of the girls’ classmates made. M tried to explain that this child simply didn’t know what he was talking about. “Oh, I know,” Cute W said. “Most kids your age don’t really follow politics. They just sort of parrot whatever their parents say.” “Including you … [Read more…]

Cartwheels Gymnastics Center

J’s been going to gymnastics at DC Gymnastics, and she likes it very much. But its location, near West Gate Plaza in Albany, is a serious schlep for us. So I was super-excited to hear about Cartwheels Gymnastics Center opening in Clifton Park. We went to try out a class recently. The first and most … [Read more…]

Poetry with Children

I spent most of the day at The Arts Center of the Capital Region for their Write Here conference. One of my favorite parts was a program about writing and sharing poetry with school-age children. It was led by Jill Crammond from Miss Jill’s Artist Studio and Ralph Fahrenstock from Bethlehem Children’s School. With Jill, … [Read more…]

Future Dinners

  Not too long ago on the TU Parent to Parent blog, Tracy said, “I asked my girls what kind of meals they think they’ll cook when they are on their own.”  The answers were a little demoralizing. She suggested that readers ask, too, and report in the comments. I thought it was an interesting … [Read more…]

Blue Skies

A quick update since things were bleak last night: The allergist made me feel much better. Very common hives that I can prevent with some preemptive antihistamine use. We may not figure out the exact trigger, but it’s likely they’ll just disappear within the next few weeks. Gorgeous day, yes? Debra and June from KidsOutAndAbout.sent … [Read more…]