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This is my favorite new three-of-us-from-the-back picture in a long time, from today’s visit to an African marketplace!

Okay: not really. We visited go: where children discover the world, the exhibition space for the World Awareness Children’s Museum in Glens Falls. It’s small but fun and worth the trip. I’ll be writing a more detailed review soon.

We also stopped by the Crandall Public Library, both because they have an exhibition of award winners from the museum’s International Youth Art Exchange and because I’m a Library Slut. It’s funny: whenever I think of that post about visiting lots of libraries, I do a search using the term “library slut” because that’s what I called it in my head when I first wrote it. And every time I search, nothing comes up. Because at the time I didn’t want to use the term for fear of being offensive. That was more than two years ago, when I was a newbie blogger. Such a newbie that when I just went back to look, I realized that I let through a spam comment because it seemed sincere. I was so naive. . . . Anyway, I had to confess that I still think of that post as the “Library Slut” post. Besides, aren’t we all supposed to be reclaiming slut by now?

The girls liked the art as well as the child-sized easy chairs. I loved its sparkly cleanliness and huge windows.

We had a fun outing, and I think I have a little crush on Glens Falls now.


  1. Erin T

    I have a big crush on Glens Falls. Is Explore still open down the road from the World Awareness Museum? Did you see the great toy store on Warren Street? They also used to have an independent book store downtown, but I think it closed.

  2. @Erin T D’oh! Did you hear me slapping my forehead? And I just went to look–their site says they’re closed, but to check the FB page for details. And then I couldn’t find the FB page to save my life. No link from the site that I could find, and searching in FB just taught me that an alarming number of people are angry and bitter, either because they hate Internet Explorer or they’re convinced that Dora is an illegal immigrant. These people need to channel their energy into something more positive.

  3. Erin T

    I’m so sad to hear that! We spent a lot of time there before the World Awareness Museum was open, but I heard they were struggling last year. It was the best indoor children’s play space (not museum) I’ve found in the Capital region.

  4. Michelle

    I think the toy store (Dog Ate My Homework) moved to Queensbury somewhere. Super cute place, though. I haven’t been up to Glens Falls in a while, but it is a great down town and we got a kick out of having lunch at Wholly Crepe last time we were up there 😉 They have (or had?) a neat train exhibit in the basement of one of the buildings, too.

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