Goat Cheese & Pear Salad

The other day I was eating one of my favorite salads ever, and I realized that I’ve never shared the recipe with you. We call it Jane’s Goat Cheese and Pear Salad, because years and years ago my sister arrived an hour after we expected her for dinner at our squalid New York City apartment … [Read more…]

Happy Election Day!

We’re headed to an Election Night Party, where my children will absolutely stay up way too late for a school night. But presidential elections only come around once every four years, right? Anyway, I’m making my Buffalo Chicken Dip and my Black Bean and Corn Dip. Also, I printed out a map of the United … [Read more…]

Giveaway, New York Links, and a Book Fight

Hey everyone. I have emailed the winners of the Taylor Mali giveaway, but I haven’t received replies from them yet, which explains the delay. Nope. What really explains the delay is that I neglected to email at noon and instead I finally got around to it at dinner time. Anyway, if you did not win, … [Read more…]

Hurricane Sandy Relief — Local Donation Collection Sites

I was looking for information about local collection sites for hurricane relief, and beyond Mamatoga who has a big list of donation¬† drop-off locations listed for the Saratoga area, I didn’t find too much. But here’s what I did find. There’s a drop-off site in Guilderland with details on the TU’s Guilderland blog. The First … [Read more…]