Happy Election Day!

We’re headed to an Election Night Party, where my children will absolutely stay up way too late for a school night. But presidential elections only come around once every four years, right?

Anyway, I’m making my Buffalo Chicken Dip and my Black Bean and Corn Dip. Also, I printed out a map of the United States with the vague notion that the kids might want to color in states, red and blue, as the returns came in. But then when I looked in our crayon collection, I could find a bunch of shades of one of those colors, and no shades of the other of those colors. And a lot of purple. Do you think that this is A Sign? We’ll see.

On Thursday night Cute W and I are headed to Proctors to see Wicked, and this weekend we’re taking our first-ever trip to Syracuse, where we’ll be visiting their brand new attraction, WonderWorks. I’ll have reviews of both of these coming up soon on KidsOutAndAbout.com, and I’ll be linking you up, too, as quickly as I get them written.

And with cold weather and possible snow in the forecast, I wanted to make sure that you notice that I’ve got the Embrace Winter! page available on the right again. There are links to sledding hills and other winter fun.

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