Mid-Winter Summer Blowout at the JCC,Open Houses, Parents Night Out at the Ciccotti Center, ESYO’s Playathon, Clifton Park Winterfest, Peter & The Wolf, and More This Weekend

Keep in mind that pretty much everything listed here could be changed or cancelled if it snows, or even if it doesn’t. Apparently there are already some closings and cancellations just based on the weather forecast. Myself, I don’t ever really believe the forecasts. I don’t even watch them–I just notice, eventually, that everyone’s talking about the weather and going shopping, and then I get the vague notion that I should check the weather and possibly go shopping. And then I don’t do either.

But if my children’s snow day rituals have anything to do with it, we’re going to get dumped on, big-time.

Multiple Days:

Friday, February 8th:

Saturday, February 9th:

Sunday, February 10th:


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