What the Hell Kind of Snow Day Is That?!?

This morning I was in my usual position: still lying in bed, clutching a pillow over the top of my head to block the noise of everyone else waking up. Cute W called up the stairs for me to wake up. Actually, he sang. I don’t call him Cute W for nothin’. I croaked out hopefully, “Wait, isn’t it a snow day?” When I said that, I wasn’t thinking about filling the whole long day without going anywhere, I was just thinking that a snow day would mean I could stay in bed for a little while longer. “NOPE!” called Cute W. “It’s not even snowing yet. ” I groaned and got up, and a minute later, he yelled, “Oh, wait, my bad! They’ve already called it!” So, I missed the single best perk of the snow day, which is staying lingering in bed a little while longer.

We did manage one outing, to the downtown Schenectady County Library, and then settled in for the snow. Hmmph. So far, I’m not impressed. I was actually outside at about 2:30 pm, which is when the girls would normally be arriving home, and at that point we probably had an inch, an inch and a half, maybe. “Good thing you girls stayed home!” I said to M. “I don’t know how you would have gotten through this! We’d need a rope like Pa would use from the house to the barn!” M threw a snowball and smirked back at me. “I know, right? It would have been really dangerous. I feel safer here with you.”

While we hung out, safe and sound, I did a bit of nesting. I spend so much time at the computer these days that I’ve been sprucing up my little corner over time.




It’s my own little haven, or it would be, if  those dang kids weren’t constantly leaving their stuff on my desk and borrowing my scissors and leaving scraps of paper and asking if they could please get online to watch something on Youtube. Oh, and look, over to the right, I’ve got some little plants.



The one bummer (besides those meddling kids), was the actual corner. It’s grubby and plain and prone to cobwebs. Plus it should really be entirely re-taped and re-painted. But I’m way too lazy for that.


Coincidentally, I also have a plant that’s been deeply unhappy lately. I’m terrible when it comes to pruning plants. I’m just a scared-baby. I avoid it and then things get unwieldy, and then I panic and prune like a maniac. Or, more often, I just move the plants somewhere else. So I had this plant with vines that were so ridiculous that the only place I could think to put it was on a high cabinet.  And then, I don’t think it was getting enough light. So I ordered a little trellis to fix the ugly corner and the plant problem. Ta-da!

I hope that the proximity to the monitor won’t make the plant sad, but honestly, the plant wasn’t doing too well before, anyway. And the trellis doesn’t go quite high enough to hide all of the corner ugliness, but I might give the plant a little help growing up over it.

I’m saving our other snow day activities for tomorrow, but meanwhile, if you’re feeling housebound, check out What to Do When the Weather is Awful and You’re Stuck Inside with the Kids  and 100 Things to Do with Kids During a Power Outage from KidsOutAndAbout.com.


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