Hush Little Wrinkle. Plus Links.

So, today, M started squooshing my face. She pinched my cheeks and moved my lips around and then she said, “Hey, have you ever noticed how, as you get older, you. . . “Then she stopped. She is a clever girl.

“Noticed what?” I demanded.

“Uhhh. . . .”

“Have I noticed that I’ve become much wiser and more comfortable with myself? Is that what you were going to say?”

She shook her head. “Never mind.” Yeah, you bet your butt never mind, little girl.

But a minute later she was pressing her fingers against my forehead, trying to smooth my furrowed brow. “Sssshhh, ssshhh. . .” she said soothingly to my forehead, as if my forehead were an anxious puppy. As if, with a bit of smoothing, she could shake out my brow like a wrinkled sheet.

She gave up pretty quickly.

Anyway. . . It’s a lazy links kind of day!

A local artist contacted me to let me know that she has a site with free printable coloring pages, and she comes up with 12 new pages each month. It’s

Have you all heard that there’s going to be a Veronica Mars movie thanks to a huge Kickstarter Campaign? If you’re already a fan, it’s fun just to watch their promotional video. If you’re not already a fan, there’s plenty of time to watch episodes online while they’re still raising the money and, you know, making the movie. Oh, man. I just tested to make sure that you could actually watch the episodes online and I started to get sucked into the pilot. Focus, Katie, focus.

Here’s a post by the New York Times Motherlode blog about finding the right summer day camp.  And here’s a bunch of summer camps listed on

The always-good-karmic Glennon from Momastery had lovely and clever things to say about mommy wars. Sure, she said it over a year ago, but I only noticed this post when a friend linked to it on Facebook. Better late than never!

There’s a Groupon for 54% off Tiny Tots Tea Room and a Living Social deal for 50% off Sitar Indian Restaurant.

Jezebel offers up Roger Ebert’s Twenty Best Reviews. I’ll miss him.

Kristi’s On The Edge Blog from the TU has folks offering up suggestions for prenatal exercise classes.




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