Spring Break in Savannah!

So let me catch y’all up on my spring break. On Thursday we headed south to see Taylor Swift, and from there we headed south. We made a stop at Monticello on Friday and arrived at my parents’ house on Saturday. Ahhh, it’s lovely there, in beautiful Savannah. Here’s the view from the kitchen sink:


Yes, that’s a golf cart that you see driving by at about 11 o’clock. Driving around on the golf cart is pretty much the main attraction at Nana Honey and Pop’s house. Has been for years, in fact.

golf cart

The weather was not as warm as usual (70s or 80s), but still a heck of a lot lovelier than in Upstate New York. The girls even frolicked in a pool and in the waves at the beach while most of the grown-ups shivered in sweatshirts on chaise lounges (with much gratitude to Cute W, who actually got into the pool with the girls so the rest of us didn’t have to do it. Have I mentioned that I love you very much, honey? That you are fifty shades of awesome? All true).

We ate a ridiculous amount of food and checked out Joy Kills Sorrow at the Savannah Music Festival and generally had a lovely time. We headed back north on Friday, spent part of Saturday being tourists in New York City, and then made it home by Saturday night. The car trip went pretty smoothly, even if the check engine light turned on during the second or third hour of driving. There was only one vomiting incident, and as long-time readers know, that’s a smashing success in our book.

I’ll have more details coming up, but meanwhile, I’m so glad that we came home to something resembling actual spring.

Girls at Gazebo

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