Lazy Link Night

Too sleepy to write. The turkey appears to be thawed. Here are some links that I’ve been collecting.

Do Try This At Home offers up 100 outdoor family adventures. H/T to Geekmom.

Kristi had an ARA (“A reader asks”) on if expecting parents should hire a doula. Spoiler alert: hell yeah.

All Over Albany’s crowd-sourced prenatal activities and must-do local winter activities.

Quickmeme offers up a fun set of photos based on parents getting creative with toy dinosaurs. offers up a convincing argument that Neville Longbottom is the most important person in Harry Potter.

 List Challenges has 100 Best Children’s Novels, and I thought that I’d totally rock this one, but I didn’t even get a passing grade. Please tell me which numbers I simply must read. My favorites, except for the Harry Potters and Laura Ingalls books, which I don’t think should be listed separately, but okay: are numbers 2,5, 7, 16, 74, & 93. I really would like your recommendations, because I only scored 48, which makes me feel like I need to read some of these immediately in order to redeem myself. Also, they’re definitely missing some more recent classics. Which made me go hunting to find 100 Great Children Books from the New York Public Library.






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