If. . .

If you half-stumbled home

from book club because you’d had a little too much wine with friends

But you paused to email a bunch of people who were so glad that you were helpful enough to spread the word about their cool programs for kids this weekend

Because you knew that you’d be too busy tomorrow playing hooky with the family and going spring-skiing for the day

So you just had to take care of a little business, like “liking” the comment telling you that today’s appearance on TV appearance went well

While waiting for the cat to scratch at the door

Before chugging a big glass of water and snuggling into bed with a warm husband and a good book,

Well, that, my friends, would be a pretty excellent life.

And who knows what tomorrow will bring? So many friends have troubles lately. Prayers and casseroles seem paltry.

So it feels like gloating, but isn’t there holiness in showing gratitude?

Life is very, very good.

Or maybe it’s the wine talking.



  1. Tiffanie

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog? I’m not seeing it, but I’d like to get emails when you update.

  2. @Tiffanie, I’ve got the little RSS feed, but if you don’t do any sort of reader that’s not helpful. There might be a simple plugin, though. I’ll check, and if I get it set up, I’ll shoot you an email. But it WON’T be today because I’ll be at Kidz Expo. Thanks for asking!

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