Coming This Fall!

Last post, I promised I’d offer up some pep and cheer, and I’m actually pretty excited about two new activities available for kids this fall.

I was chatting with the folks at Ellms Family Farm recently, and they’re adding an activity that I think families with little kids will love: a new Challenge Course geared for the 3- to 12-year-old set. If you have little kids and you’ve been dying to take them to one of those ropes challenge places but they are just too darn young and short, now you’ve got a place to go! I’ve posted about Ellms before because I think it’s really fun, and really fun in a very hassle-free, casual, wholesome-active-outdoor-fun kind of way. They have a huge variety of activities, and every year they add more fun things to do, so it just keeps getting better and better. Their fall season is pretty short–September 17 through the end of October–so plan ahead so you don’t miss it. Plus, they do birthday parties, and they’re booking parties now. I wish I had a handy picture of the new challenge course, but I believe they’re still working on it. But it sounded to me like an awesome activity for the kids who want to do fun stuff like that and aren’t quite big enough for Mountain Ridge or Ramblewild.

Meanwhile, at one of our other favorite places, Cartwheels Gymnastics, they’re expanding (again!) and they’re starting a new program called Ninja Zone. According to the Cartwheels website, “Ninja Zone is a class that fuses obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement. Ninja Zone hopes to turn energy into ambition… one awesome kid at a time! Boys classes start this fall and girls classes coming this winter!” Now, that sounds super-fun, right? Sadly, I don’t believe that there are any plans to do adult classes, so I guess I’ll just have to incorporate ninja moves into our everyday grocery trips or ladies’ night happy hours and such. But whatever: I’m happy for the kids who will get to be real fake ninjas.

NInja Zone Logo-White Outline

So, you guys! Our children will get to have some really fabulous fun times before President Trump brings on ethnic cleansing and nuclear annihilation. That’s awesome, right?


I’m doing my best, here.


  1. Claire

    To help end the kitten post on a good note: the polls this morning show that “President Trump” might not be happening after all.

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